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Wild Swans - Young Women's Wilderness Leadership Programme

To take young UK women deep into wilderness with others chosen from a different culture and socio-economic background. The project will develop strong leadership and advocacy for a fairer society and the environment, and tools to make a difference.

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We are told that there is a crisis facing women and leadership in the world today. How can you lead if you do not truly know yourself and what you value? Spending time in wilderness is a great leveller, and a place where common humanity comes to the fore. it is the best place to get to know yourself and others, and to find out what you share rather than what sets you apart. Wild Swans will help to fundraise some of the costs for other young women from India, Kenya and South Africa to undertake a joint wilderness journey. The project will include leadership development, appreciation of issues facing each other's worlds, and tools to take new thinking and knowledge forward to make a change in their communities and wider society happen on their return. The outcomes will be increased cross cultural understanding, development of joint initiatives for the environment and fairer society across different countries, strengthened self awareness and ability to commit to making a difference, increased awareness of environment and social issues, creation of young women leaders with excellent self awareness and good self esteem. Each programme costs £2500 per person including the costs of the developing country partner for a month long programme and workshops pre and post wilderness trail. Each group will be eight young women made up of a mix of backgrounds. The name Wild Swans comes from an appreciation of the beauty of this bird, but also that so many women appear serene on the surface and are paddling furiously under the surface....