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A.I.D.S. Prevention Campaign

The AIDA pandemic has hit Ghana and is not yet under control. Despite strenuous efforts of the Ghana government, there has been a steady rise in the death rate, 37 in Sandema area last year, compared with 22 in the rpprevious year. This is the recorded death rate, probably the tip of the iceberg. We will undertake an intensive campaign throughout Builsa District, using films, radio and workshops.

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Our ancient, battered VW car is practically a right-off and we will need a four-wheel drive vehicle to enable the project team to travel to remote areas where roads are extremely rough or non-existent. This will enable us to transport film equipment and an electricity generator. We will design and print posters and erect roadside notices to alert the public to the dangers of AIDS and encourage people to get themselves tested at the Sandema hospital. Vehicle - - - - £15,000 Generator - - - - £ 1,500 Film equipment - - - £ 4,000 Publicity and advertising - - £ 2,000 Organising workshops - - £ 2,000