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We've been giving older people in Norwich advice for many years, but we've found that many, especially poorer or more frail people don't come into the centre. This project aims to work with community groups in the more deprived areas to ensure they get the advice they need, as well as enable the local community to better support its older members. A key outcome of the project is to engage more 'hard to hear' older people in our lobbying, ultimately giving them their own voice

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The outline plan, which has been discussed in principle with local stakeholders and the community team of Norwich City Council, is to hold advice ‘surgeries’ on a regular basis, promoted locally, but with the trusted Age Concern ‘Brand’. Through this activity, awareness of street wardens and other ‘outreach’ volunteers will be raised and their involvement in early referral will help to ensure quick access to advice and care services when older people meet life changes. In areas where community-driven partnerships are not possible, the intention is to open a series of short-term let ‘advice shops’ (with other advice groups) in low-price shopping centres and parades, on a pilot basis initially. The rationale is that our current service, based on a morning or afternoon once a month or so means that people have to be there on that day and respond quickly. Experience is that publicity for such short visits is difficult and it is likely that many clients miss out. At the same time, we will be expanding our outreach to marginalised older people (including LGBT, and those with physical and learnig disabilities) to ensure that we gradually find 'ambassadors' in each locality and group to ensure we hear and communicate better, and can enable these groups, working together, to become the authentic voice of older people in Norwich.