Providing a New Rocket-Proof Science and Technology Centre for Sha'ar HaNegev Regional High School

To provide under-fire Sha'ar HaNegev School with a new, rocket-proof Science and Technology Centre which will not only ensure the student's safety, but encourage new industry and new residents into the region.

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Sha'ar HaNegev Regional High School caters for around 1,000 students living in kibbutzim and moshavim around the town of Sderot in Southern Israel. For the last ten years, the school has been targeted by rockets fired from nearby Gaza., giving students only 15 seconds' warning to take shelter in a handful of 'strong rooms'. The school campus is undergoing a complete redevelopment aimed at securing the students' safety. ORT is aiming to use its considerable expertise in science and technology teaching to provide the school with a Science and technology Centre which will not only be rocket-proof, but will provide the highest standards of education. Through industry collaboration, the centre will act as a magnet for new industry, thus ensuring the region's economic prosperity in the long term. British ORT has already raised £0.5m towards the new centre, allowing building work to begin on the site. We are aiming, over the next few years, to raise a further £0.5m in order to allow building work to be completed.