Pakistan Floods: Emergency Appeal

Al-Fazl Foundation (UK) is urgently appealing to assist the millions of people that have been affected by the destructive floods. Not only have they lost their homes,but livelihoods have been destroyed,and there is now an increased risk of waterborne diseases alongside other poverty-related diseases

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It ran from 9:55 PM, 13 November 2011 to 9:55 PM, 13 November 2011

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In the emergency situation, there is an urgency to provide shelter, clean drinking water, food and medical care. These are the basic necessities required to prevent further lives being lost. Ultimately, we would like to help people rebuild their lives. This will take time but we are committed to supporting them throughout this difficult time.


In such desperate times, people are resorting to drinking contaminated water to stay alive. Access to clean drinking water will inevitably reduce the health implications and deaths related to waterborne diseases. With entire villages being destructed, access to medical care is also essential for those stranded in the areas hit by the floods. Our main focus right now is to help save lives.