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Many vulnerable children cannot seek help for themselves and rely on adults to speak out for them. The NSPCC Helpline protects thousands of children each year. Many adults with concerns about a child won’t contact social services, but by contacting the Helpline protect the most vulnerable children.

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International research has shown that babies, toddlers and children with disabilities are at a significantly higher risk of abuse. There are a number of reasons for this, for example, they are less able or completely unable to seek help, or they may not understand what is happening to them. For the same reasons, they often have to rely on adults to seek help for them.


Helplines are known to play a critical role in child protection, identifying children at risk and providing support. The NSPCC Helpline exists to empower the public and professionals to seek advice and report abuse for those that cannot do so themselves. When adults contact us, our practitioners offer advice, and where there are serious concerns for a child’s safety, they make referrals to other agencies. 66% of callers to the Helpline had not contacted another agency prior to calling the NSPCC.