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"Resilience - the capacity to experience massive change and yet still maintain the integrity of the original" ViVA is developing its business model to become a resilient organisation in the rapidly changing funding environment. The goal is to make or future rather than defend our past.

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In November 2009 ViVA identified the need to develop plural funding streams to support its core work during the difficult financial climate and beyond. Key to achieveing this is to maintain the quality level of the current programme. A skills & resource shortage was identified which could not be met within current reources of the organisation. The Orchestra is detremoned to help itelf as much as possible during the tightening of public funding, reudcing its depnedence on direct project funding.


The project will provide seed corn funding to put in place the resources to develop new ares of activity such as arts based training, delivering activity for third parties such as the public sector and corporate hospitality though a new organisational vehicle which will in turn covenant its surpluses to the Orchestra providing a new revenue stream. After two years this new vehicle will be self sustaining.