A.S.A.P-Aids Support Awareness Project

Awareness in the community

Our aim is to bring about change in the cultural practices which continue to fuel the spread of HIV/Aids. We believe people have the right to access information in a format they can relate to. Previously most health education has been written in English which is pointless when you are illiterate.

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We are trying to tackle previously unaddressed cultural practices such as dry sexual intercourse, sexual cleansing, child sex abuse, traditional medicine and the use of razor blades also the increase in anal sex, as we know these to be a key factor in the continuation of HIV/Aids.We also want to increase the number of people going for testing in order to know thier status. We want to empower people through our community based projects to bring about change.


By the filming of more local drama groups in productions covering the topics mentioned above. By producing more DVD's and training more volunteers in order to get this information to a wider audience. This brings about community discussion and behavioural change is more likely to be achieved if the whole community is involved. By involving women and girls in income generating projects we can help bring about change in self esteem and the balance of power in relationships.