Revolving Doors Agency

Gearing the system – a plan for change

Revolving Doors Agency's vision is that by 2025 there is an end to the revolving door of crisis and crime, when anyone facing multiple problems, including homelessness, and poor mental health is supported to reach their potential, with fewer victims and safer communities as a result

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We want to change systems and improve services for people with multiple problems, including poor mental health, who are in repeat contact with the criminal justice system. This group, who we estimate to number at least 60,000 in England, generates hugely disproportionate costs to our communities and the public purse. Their lives are characterised by exclusion, chaos, crime, honelessness and antisocial behaviour. They are victims as well as perpetrators.


Revolving Doors Agency aims to stimulate reform of the health, welfare and criminal justice systems to end the revolving door. Our approach is to share our deep understanding of the problem with others to create practical, evidence-based solutions.