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Power Play

The idea of the project is to give disabled people the same physical activity/sports opportunities as their non disabled peers. This project will give training & competitive football opportunities for powered wheelchair users.This project will improve the disabled people's confidence and self esteem

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In 2001 Sport England commissioned research into sport and physical opportunities for disabled children and adults. The research concluded that disabled people are far less likely to participate in sport and physical activity due to the barriers they face which include lack of facilities, lack of money, lack of accessible transport and human support to be able to access sport. Through the delivery of the Power Play Sessions we aim to breakdown theses barriers for severely disabled people.


The project will solve the problems by providing accessible transport for powered wheelchair users. The project will also train volunteers to support disabled people to enable them to participate in sports and physical activities. Specialist powered wheelchairs will need to be purchased to support the disabled people to participate in the football training and competition.