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The Big Dance - Dancing Differently

For two evenings in July we can offer a limited number of places to participate in our ‘Dancing Differently’ workshops, which will culminate in a beautiful contemporary dance piece performed by two female dancers, one of whom has Down's Syndrome.

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It ran from 7:08 PM, 29 June 2010 to 1:53 PM, 7 July 2010

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Within the UK last year, only 1 in 4 disabled people attended more than one arts event, compared with more than 1 in 3 non-disabled people. In the 12 boroughs within which we seek to work, fewer than 1 in 5 of those with disabilities actually participated in any form of the arts (Office for Disability Issues Annual Report 2009).


Our integrated dance performance and workshops challenge people's misconceptions about disability, and foster the opportunity to identify with people’s abilities. The sessions will also provide accessibility to the arts for those with disabilities who would normally not participate; an empowering experience which brings increased confidence, creativity and self-expression.