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Safe Haven

We aims to bridge the gap in present provision for families recovering form domestic abuse by having our own premises for the provision of a family centered service to help reduce the long-term effects of witnessing or experiencing abuse; using animals to promote caring and responsible values.

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Families often fail to access or maintain contact with specialised support. Often there is a repeat cycle between new home, original home & refuge, due to a failure to re-settle and cope in a new community. By offering practical & emotional support, the projects unique & invaluable strength is in its ability to break a cycle of violence. In doing so it has long term benefits, helping children to develop into emotionally balanced adults less likely to be violent to their families or animals.


We aim to establish the Safe Haven project in our own premises combining our established families & pets projects. Here families recovering from abuse will be encouraged to take part in a range of activities that seek to develop non-violent, creative, responsible and caring attitudes. Families will have the opportunity to take part in activities in which compassion and empathy are learned through human interaction combined with the nurturing experience of working with plants and animals.