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The Butterfly Tree Water Projects

To provide bore holes to give safe, clean water to rural communites in Zambia. 100% of all donations will go directly into the project. No adminstration fees will be deducted.

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It ran from 2:46 PM, 13 October 2015 to 2:46 PM, 13 October 2015

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To prevent women and children having to walk great distances to obtain water from crocodile infested rivers and streams full of bacteria. The risk of infections caused by contaminated water is high, there ae many cases of infants mortality due to diarrhoea. In Zambia the dry season lasts from April - October, many of the streams dry up and crops cannot be grown. Water is life - without it nothing can


Adding bore holes to provide safe, clean water will alleviate many of the water issues. Distances to draw water will be considerably reduced. The number of water-born infections will be reduced. Crops can be grown in schools and communities during the dry season.