The Nepal Trust

Women-Led Oil Press Initiative

This proposal focuses on the establishment of a Women-Led Oil Press Initiative that provides training, skills and employment for marginalized women by utilizing local natural resources to produce soap, lotions, etc. that can be sold in (inter)national market hubs.

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It ran from 11:11 AM, 7 June 2015 to 11:11 AM, 7 June 2015

Registered Charity in Scotland (SC022552)




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Local herb resources are collected in forests and pressed by hand, which is very labour intensive and forces women out of their houses, which negatively impacts on their family life and health conditions. The need for accessible (agriculture related) income generating activities will be addressed through the provision of low-capital investments and practical education to marginalized groups to teach them how to develop small-scale home-based social enterprises by utilizing local resources.


The provision of low-capital agriculture facilities, such as hand operated oil press machines (a new revolutionary technology introduced by the Nepal Trust to Nepal), will enable more disadvantaged people (women, children, handicapped, Dalits, elderly) to access basic income generating opportunities.