The Wiener Holocaust Library

Preservation of the Press Cutting Archive

To preserve for the future the Library's unique collection of press cuttings from English broadsheets, German national and local papers, and American, French and Austrian papers.

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The Wiener Library’s press cutting archive on the Holocaust and related subjects is a unique collection of material, tracing the continuing integration of the events into the historical narrative, as well as developments in commemoration and memorialisation. The archive is a valuable source for scholars and researchers, and is heavily used, but the cuttings are very fragile. Consequently, we began microfilming the collection in 2005, but over half still remains and is deteriorating rapidly.


The Library has been microfilming its press cuttings in order to preserve them. Microfilming avoids the breach of copyright that would occur with digitisation, and provides long-term archival access using a reliable and stable technology. The project has been hugely successful, using committed volunteers to prepare the cuttings. There is still a large section of the archive to secure, and we hope to continue this project to microfilm the whole collection.