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MOJO Retreat for the Innocent

The Retreat will be unique project, using doctors and shared counselling experiences,to help innocent victims of our judicial system, and their families, gradually come to terms with what has happened to them. All of them suffer from post traumatic stress disorders and are in desperate need of help.

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It ran from 9:32 AM, 30 July 2011 to 9:32 AM, 30 July 2011

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The lack of medical care for innocent people who win their appeals, some after serving 15/20/25 years of wrongful imprisonment, are suddenly thrown back out into society, with no preparation no counselling, all have been diagnosed with severe PTSD DSM IV. Unlike guilty offender, innocent people are been thrown out of the appeal court with no medical help for the trauma they have endured whilst wrongfully incarcerated, compounding their trauma, very often becoming suicidal or premature deaths.


It is a tragedy of immense proportions to think helping to get innocent people out of prison is ultimately damaging them irreparably due to the lack of specialised counselling.We believe a specialised trauma unit is needed,we have the support from world leading experts in trauma, such as Prof. Gordon Turnbull,who treated the Beiruit Hostages,Dr Adrian Grounds,Helen Bamber,John MacCarthy and Terry Waites, we have a growing clientele all we need is the money and resources to build this retreat.