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We provide a safe and secure phone number in the UK for Farsi speaking people to call with their questions about Christianity. This telephone number is broadcast on the screen during live phone in discussion programmes on the SAT-7 PARS channel.

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It ran from 3:15 PM, 9 December 2011 to 3:15 PM, 9 December 2011


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Farsi speaking Christians, particularly those living in Iran, do not have access to a service to freely ask questions about Christianity in their own language. SAT-7 PARS already receives an average of 894 letters, SMS, emails or phone calls each month. Viewers contact SAT-7 asking for prayer, for literature, for help living their Christian lives or for more information about Christianity.


SAT-7 PARS will provide a person in a safe place who can answer whatever question viewers may have in total freedom.This project is to enable the effective support of the thousands of Farsi speaking viewers who contact SAT-7 PARS each month. These viewers contact SAT-7 by phone, SMS and email, some tell us they have no one else they can speak to. It is crititcal that SAT-7 has the people in place to respond in the most appropriate way to their needs.