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Kakumbi School

Kakumbi Basic School is a remote school that has very little support from any charities. The government funding is inadequate and it desperatley needs building repairs and a new teaching block to be built. Overcrowding is endemic and it cannot cater for all of the children in the area.

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It ran from 11:20 AM, 6 December 2010 to 2:00 PM, 6 December 2011


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The existing buildings do are badly in need of repair. The roofs leak and the trusses are rotten. Every year they suffer from severe damage from storms. There are 400 pupilsat Kakumbi. Classrooms are overcrowded and do not have enough desks or teaching materials. The School cannot teach all of the children in their catchment area due to the lack of servicable classroom block. There is no power available and water comes from a shared borehole that is in urgent need of maintenance.


By renovating the existing classrooms we can provide a safe and sheltered environment for the children. By building a new classroom block the school will be able to teach more children and increase the number of government supplied teachers. We also aim to repair existing broken school furniture and supply additional desks to allow each child to sit at a desk. Additional teaching materials will be made available to allow one book per 2 children.