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We have recently built a wildlife hospital in North East Hampshire. With the site we also have an acre of meadow attached in which we intend to build facilities for large mammals, water birds and birds of prey, and a study centre for students.

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We can only care for small animal and bird casualties in our present facilities, and want to extend the range of species we can care for, as there is nowhere else in Hampshire which can do this. This will provide better care for sick, injured and abandoned wildlife, and save patients having to be transported great distances for treatment elsewhere, or being unnecessarily put to sleep.


We will build one unit for the care of large mammals, and to extend space for small mammals also. We will build another unit for water birds which will include a pond which is vital for their rehabilitation. Further aviaries for birds of prey and small birds will also be erected at the same time. A further building to be used as a study centre is also planned, which can be used to teach professionals, students and the public about caring for wildlife.