Out and About -Accessible Transportation Vehicle

Our idea is to purchase an adapted vehicle to provide free wheelchair accessible travel for disabled people. Journeys will be booked through us and we will recruit and train local volunteers to be volunteer drivers. Our project aims to tackle social isolation by helping people get out and about.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 27 November 2018 to 12:00 PM, 4 December 2018

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In a consultation undertaken in 2015, Hackney Council identified transportation as the biggest problem facing disabled people in the borough. There are currently no existing transport schemes available that are free of charge, provide door to door service, are available at any time, allow for companions and give users the privacy and dignity they deserve. Local Dial a Ride schemes have long wait times and are unsuitable for those on reduced immune systems.


By purchasing an adapted vehicle, disabled people within the community will be able to get out and about. Volunteer drivers will collect people from their homes and drive them to their venue of choice; medical appointments, social clubs, family events or local classes. We will offer a prompt pick up service, in a comfortable private car which can be shared with family or friends. Evidence shows 34% of disabled people in London live in poverty -so we will deliver our service free of charge.