Nowzad Dogs

The Kabul Christmas Canine Compassion Project

There are many forgotten victims in Kabul - least of all the animals. Often abused, always struggling to survive. This Christmas we will be there for them; to introduce humane TNVR and animal welfare education to Kabul, to provide a clinic for injured or sick animals who desperately need our help.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 29 November 2016 to 12:01 PM, 6 December 2016

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On the streets of Kabul there are many mistreated animals, including dogs, cats and donkeys. Animal welfare has understandably never been a priority in Kabul and it shows. Packs of dogs roam the streets and raggedy cats are outside many shops, donkeys are worked until they can no longer stand. Kabul's lack of education in animal welfare is evident. Rabies is a huge concern for many and a humane method of controlling and vaccinating the stray dog population is desperately required.


We are the only officially recognised animal welfare NGO in the whole of Afghanistan. We have a clinic facility with five fully qualified veterinarians - two of which are the first ever Afghan national female veterinarians in the whole of Afghanistan. From there we can carry out humane Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return projects, as well animal welfare education for the general public, including treatment of Donkeys. Our clinic is also able to care for sick or injured animals who need our help.