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New Kitchen for Homeless Accommodation

We provide supported accommodation in residential houses. Our largest house has a maximum of 8 people living there and the wear and tear on the ameneties is high. Particularly the kitchen area is old, with damaged work surfaces and a bad layout. We want to replace and refurbish that kitchen.

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The wellbeing of our residents is very important and part of that is to provide them with a quality home that they can feel safe and comfortable in. Having communial areas that are welcoming and easy to use gives them encouragement to mix with other residents and in the case of kitchens, a chance to learn new skills which they can use when they move on from us to independence.


The kitchen area needs to be usefully laid-out and welcoming to use as we encourage residents to learn to cook for themselves. At present the area is old and uninviting. A new kitchen, laid-out better, with decent quality worktops, cupboards, tiling and flooring will encourage more use of this facility.