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New audiences for classical music in Cambridge

Access to culture has a transformational impact on people’s lives. Engaging with classical music has particular benefits for well-being. This project will enable new groups from Cambridgeshire to get involved with classical music through concerts and workshops to inspire the next generation.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 29 November 2016 to 12:01 PM, 6 December 2016


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The AAM is the only orchestra to have a regular evening concert series in Cambridge. Our experience shows that we are only reaching a narrow segment of the local population. The average age of someone attending a classical music concert in Cambridge is 55-64 and the majority of the audience come from within 5 miles of the city centre. There are fewer opportunities for children and young people to experience classical music in schools as curriculum time becomes more limited.


During 2017, we will make AAM concerts in Cambridge more engaging and accessible to a wider audience. We will expand our £5 ticket offer for under-25s, create digital content to introduce the orchestra and make concert attendance more accessible and make concerts more welcoming. At the same time we will work with the local music service, schools and other local cultural organisations to create a series of workshops and concerts to introduce local schools to classical music.