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We need additional funding for Regional Music Advisers and Coordinators in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. RMAs/Coordinators are experienced musicians and trainers who provide support for remote areas, churches struggling to provide music for worship, and 600 Area volunteers

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Britain can boast a church music tradition unequaled in the world. However, many churches are isolated and their congregations diminishing, while worship styles are changing. The RSCM wants to help churches of every style and tradition can bring in children -- to the benefit of their education as well as the growth of congregations -- and to ensure that contemporary and modern worship are of as equally high quality.


Regional Music Advisers/Coordinators cover England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, in support of churches, choirs, schools and our 53 Area Committees, which do the bulk of RSCM events and are largely responsible for choral education and examinations. Having experienced and well-trained colleagues visiting to offer advice, work out conflicts and problems, demonstrate new resources and ideas, and offer specialist training has already proved invaluable. Demand for RMAs is high and needs funding.