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Side by Side

Alzheimer’s Society’s new volunteer-led service, Side by Side, supports people to get out and about in their community, take part in new activities and build their own social networks, so that they can have a better life with dementia.

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Many people with dementia can feel lonely, and we recently found that 35% of people did not leave the house every day. The effect dementia has on communication and memory can make it harder for those affected to keep up relationships, meaning they spend more and more time on their own. There is also a stigma associated with dementia that can see friends and relatives visit less often. As the symptoms progress, many people with dementia feel they can no longer take part in social activities.


Side by Side offers people with dementia one-to-one support from local volunteers. These volunteers help people to take part in their favourite activities, such as going for a walk, or to a local café. It’s up to the person using the service to choose what they would like to do and this can vary each time. By encouraging people with dementia to get out and about in their local communities and supporting them to become involved in local groups, Side by Side helps people to feel less isolated.