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Margay Enclosure Rebuild

As part of the ongoing improvements here at Shaldon Zoo we are planning to rebuild our Margay enclosure. These beautiful and elusive spotted cats are native to the Americas. They are threatened by habitat destruction and hunting; around 14,000 Margay are trapped each year for the fur trade.

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The current Margay enclosure is in the old part of the zoo, which is the next area that we are planning to update. While suitable for the species the enclosure really needs to be updated in order to improve the habitat for the cats and have it more closely resemble their natural habitat, in the hope that this will encourage our pair of Margays to breed successfully.


We always aim to uphold the very highest standards of husbandry possible for our animals and feel a complete redesign of this enclosure is the best possible way for us to achieve this for this particular species.