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A dedicated Child Bereavement Service will provide specialised support to children affected by the death of a patient at St John’s. Counselling, workshops and practical support will be provided to help them cope with their loss and overcome any anxiety, isolation or difficulties they are facing.

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There is limited access to dedicated child bereavement services in the 7 London boroughs we serve. Demand is high, far outstripping the resources in the statutory/charitable sectors. In addition to children connected to St John’s, we receive frequent requests from schools seeking advice about supporting bereaved children in the classroom. Our social workers have been providing the support that they can, but capacity is limited and for every child they support there are 2 more which they cannot.


In order to narrow this gap in care, St John’s is establishing a dedicated Child Bereavement Service. A part-time social worker will be hired, a Children’s Project Lead, to focus solely on helping children who have lost a loved one, either at the Hospice or in the community. We are seeking funds to support this role for 3 days a week.