We will teach young adults from different ethnicities about the rich history and heritage of Britain, creating a stronger sense of community and multi-cultural feelings and a greater understanding of inter-generational issues.

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It ran from 10:00 AM, 5 December 2011 to 4:00 PM, 22 December 2011

Registered Charity in England and Wales (1120262)

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With knowledge of our country's history on the decline and many young adults having little or no knowledge of the history of our country, many teens and young adults don't have any feeling of pride and patriotism in our country. This is especially true in an area like Hackney where there are many different communities and different ethnic groups. Our course will provide knowledge in the history of our country which will provide the participants with feelings of pride and a sense of belonging.


By running a series of history lectures combined with trips to famous historical landmarks, the students will re-live the events which happened and will enjoy learning about historical events from previous generations. We will also run history workshops led by a workshop specialist who will make history come alive thus captivating the imagination of the students. This will ensure that the student leave the course with a strong knowledge of British history.