Buskaid runs a Music School in Diepkloof, Soweto, where we aim to transform lives and prospects through music. Several Buskaid students have so far been successful in gaining places for tertiary study in the UK, and we aim to establish a fund to support future students in their studies here.

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Opportunities for advanced musical study with world-class teachers are rare in South Africa, so it is usually necessary for the most talented Buskaid students to come to music college in the UK for tertiary study. As they are overseas students, the fees alone are more than £15,000 per student, per year - quite beyond the means of a student from Soweto.


Buskaid is committed to providing secure funding, covering both the fees and living costs for the duration of their course, for any student coming to study in the UK. This means that they will begin their course safe in the knowledge that they will have the financial means to complete it, and to take their skills back to South Africa - to share their expertise both with the Buskaid community and more widely.