Salisbury Cathedral


Salisbury Cathedral is an internationally recognised icon. The North and East face of this unique medieval masterpiece has suffered badly due to exposure to the weather over the centuries. Repair and conservation work will secure this piece of our hertiage for future generations.

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Over time the limestone from which the Cathedral is constructed decays and crumbles away. Several delicate finials will need to be replaced; vital works are needed on the flying buttress; even a single damaged stone will have an impact on the integrity of the structure. Thin-walled parapets are particularly vulnerable and stone replacement is vital to keep the building watertight.


The work is undertaken by our specialist team of glaziers, stonemasons and conservators who preserve the ancient skills through apprenticeship programmes. Salisbury is only 1 out of 8 of English Cathedrals that has its own works department capable of undertaking this work. Every stone is different. Some will need to be replaced, others conserved. The work is time consuming and painstaking - but will safeguard the cathedral for several generations to come.