The Alan Senitt Memorial Trust

The Alan Senitt Community Leadership Programme

AN innovative programme that runs in 5 schools of dfifferent faiths in Hertfordshire and Middlesex.. IT aims to empower Year 9 pupils to take on activel eadership roles in their own local community and the wider community by teaching them leadership skills as well as tolerance and understanding.

history Campaign has now closed

It ran from 12:00 AM, 1 January 2008 to 12:00 AM, 1 September 2016

Registered Charity in England and Wales (1117111)




  • Community Support & DevelopmentCommunity Support & Development
  • Education/Training/EmploymentEducation/Training/Employment
  • Sports/RecreationSports/Recreation
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The lack of opportunity for young people to become knowledgeable and capable volunteers now and in the future. The lack of inspiration for young people to get involved and become a valued part of society. The lack of encouragement for young people to form their own communities. To remove stereotyping of young people.


The prjject provides skills training in leadership, marketing, finances and provides opportunities for interfaith dialogue to promote tolerance and understanding in group settings. Through the various local community projects inbuilt in the programme the young people put their skills to the test, help educate other groups, provide a needed service within their local community and change people's views of young people. This all empowers and inspires the young people to take an active interest