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Ethical Mining, DR Congo

The Gorilla Organization aims to protect the gorillas of the Kahuzi-Biega National Park, DR Congo from the habitat destruction caused by illegal mining for coltan through training in 'ethical' mining.

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Eastern lowland gorillas are only found in DR Congo, but it is estimated that over the past ten years population numbers have reduced from 10,000 3,000 due to the increased demand for coltan, a mineral vital to electronics such as mobile phones. To meet this demand and generate income, miners set up camp in the Kahuzi-Biega National Park, seriously damaging the forest. These illegal miners often rely on wildlife, including the gorillas, as a source of food during this time. The Gorilla Organization has worked with local wildlife authorities, local governments, miners and coltan processors to find an acceptable and sustainable solution for all parties in the mining crisis. This project - known as the Durban Process - is working in four main areas to overcome the identified problems: a) it disseminates the mining code of practice b) it reinforces the capacity of the wildlife authorities to monitor illegal activity within the national park c) it gives training in ethical and environmentally friendly mining, providing sustainable income-generating activities for the miners and d) it provides incentives for adhering to the training through the implementation of a microfinance scheme. Annual funding provides; - Teaching equipment and materials - Agricultural tools and equipment - Miners Workshops - Mining Consultancies - Operating costs including project staff salaries and office supplies