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Agricultural Training in Uganda

Encroachment and trespassing into Uganda’s national parks is destroying the forests and threatening the survival of the critically endangered mountain gorilla. The Gorilla Organization is addressing this problem by training the surrounding communities in sustainable agriculture.

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With fewer than 750 individuals remaining, the mountain gorilla is critically endangered. Habitat loss due to encroachment and trespassing is one of the greatest threats to their survival, but the communities living alongside the national parks rely on the forests for farmland and resources including water, food and firewood. Following the success of a similar programme in Rwanda, the Gorilla Organization began training the Ugandan communities alongside the parks in sustainable farming techniques in late 2006. Through the project, 100 farmers received intensive training in the theory and practice of sustainable, organic agriculture to become ‘Key Farmer Trainers’ (KFTs). Each KFT is now passing what they have learnt on to a further ten farmers. Beneficiaries have learnt about the theory and practice of topics including soil fertility management, nursery bed establishment and post-harvest handling, and have also been tutored in nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet. Seeds and livestock were distributed to all KFTs, allowing them to implement the techniques they had learnt on their own farms. Health of the beneficiaries has improved and they are able to generate income through the sale of surplus crops. In addition to helping improve the livelihoods of the beneficiaries, the Gorilla Organization has also been building the capacity of KDFA by providing resources, equipment and training. Annual funding provides; - training in sustainable, organic agriculture - tools and equipment including livestock and seeds - operating and captial costs including project salaries, travel and rent