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Supporting Children in Hospital

We offer a support link worker to counsel, advise and support children and their families when their children are admitted to hospital for long term illnesses.

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When children are diagnosed with a long term illness this can have an extreme negative effect on the child and family. Most parents or children do not understand the medical terminology which adds to their feelings of insecurity. This reflects on the children since they do not have the support from their parents. Lots of questions may remain unanswered without knowing where to turn. Many families have never communicated with Doctors and feel intimidated when approached by a team of professional doctors on a ward. This makes them either forget the questions they wanted to ask or the answers the Dr gave. They may also just feel embarrassed to ask. We have experienced an amazing success in supporting children and parents who were recently diagnosed with long term, life threatening illnesses which aided them and enabled them to cope better. This requires a highly devoted and dedicated member of staff to be available many hours of the day or night sitting with families in paediatric Intensive Care Units, Oncology Wards The Burns Unit, or Surgical Wards.