International Otter Survival Fund

IOSF Otter Hospital

Help orphaned and injured otters at our sanctuary. We need funds to provide fish, medical care and general equipment required in the day-to-day running of the centre. Each otter costs around £1600 from the moment they come into our care to release

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It ran from 2:12 PM, 29 June 2013 to 8:15 PM, 16 June 2018


Registered Charity in Scotland (SC003875)

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IOSF has cared for over 200 injured and orphaned otters since it began around 25 years ago. Each otter provides a different and unique rearing process as everyone is different. Otters stay with the mother for 12-15 months and therefore, when we receive an otter cub, they must stay with IOSF for that period of time.


IOSF offers otters in need a safe passage back into the wild. These individuals which have been left dependant for a variety of reasons come into our care before being released back to the wild, where they belong.