Saving Ethiopia's Unique Lion Heritage

This is a plan to protect Ethiopia's unique lion heritage, a culturally important and highly endangered species. The Ethiopian lion is very likely to be an as yet unidentified and highly important sub-species of lion and at the present time has probably less than five years before extinction.

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Ethiopia’s highly endangered lion populations are likely composed of individuals with unique genetic profiles. Relatively little international conservation attention and funding has been afforded to Ethiopia. LionAid was requested by prominent Ethiopian partners to engage in a scientifically verifiable lion population count in a number of protected areas as an initial data-provision necessity for the Ethiopian Government to evaluate ways forward for informed lion conservation programmes.


This project initially is composed of four sections which would ideally run simultaneously over a two-year period. 1) New database to establish scientific lion population counts. 2) Formation of a dedicated biological sample storage facility to allow analysis of genetic diversity and disease threats. 3) New database from recovered data to identify past human/lion conflict levels. 4) New database to assess the risks and trends of illegal trade in lions.