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The Insect Play

To make an outdoor production of The Insect Play with youth theatre members aged 11-18, and take to The International Youth Arts Festival, London.

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  • Young People (18-30)Young People (18-30)



Combining text-based theatre with hip hop dance, we will be creating the world of a young solider returning from a tour abroad who becomes distracted by the rituals of an insect world. The insects irritate him as they flirt, steal and kill, all operating to their own set of rules in a struggle for power. As they scurry around we are made aware of our own passions, instincts and vices as the cycle of human life is brutally, yet humorously reproduced. The Insect Play is a powerful anti-war satire, written between the first and second world wars in what was then known as Czechoslovakia. First published in 1921 and written by the Capek brothers, Karel & Josef, it is one of the pair’s best known and well-received collaborations. The piece is being developed to be performed outdoors - locally at Fulbourn Nature Reserve, near Cambridge and again at The International Youth Theatre Festival, Kingston, London which is created and produced by young people