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The Big Impact Project

To provide individual support for unemployed adults with mental health needs to return to and/or sustain employment across London. Vocational Advisors are embedded in GP surgeries receiving referrals, engaging with clients and supporting them into and in employment. Additionally clients experiencing mental health problems in work can be supported to help them keep their jobs.

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Reasons behind the project: • People with long term mental health needs suffer far greater rates of worklessness, with only 21% currently in work in England (ONS 2006), despite the fact that most want to work. • 90% of people with mental health problems are cared for entirely within primary care, but use less than 10% of the total spend on mental health. • Research shows that people in work experience better health than those out of work. Work can aid recovery and help maintain good mental health, whilst unemployment can cause, or worsen, poor mental health Project end goals: • Each Vocational Advisor will manage a case load of approximately 25 clients at any one time, averaging 50 per year. • Our experience shows that by utilising our evidence-based model we will be able to support approximately 50% of people in/into mainstream settings. • Each Vocational Advisor will engage with up to 10 GP surgeries. Financial breakdown: On a full-cost recovery basis, each Vocational Advisor costs £45,000 to deliver a fully quality assured service that meets requirements of GP surgeries and statutory agencies. This represents excellent Value for Money at only £900 per client supported. The project will run for 2 years to develop an evidence base to inform commissioners for sustainable funding.