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Teaching materials for rural schools

Kaloko works in the Luansobe area, an isolated rural part of Zambia's Copperbelt, mainly inhabited by subsistence farming families. The community schools have limited resources and we want to help improve the children's education by providing more basic teaching and learning materials for pupils.

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Kaloko wants to improve educational opportunities for children in the area. A partnership agreement for the schools we work with operates between Kaloko Trust and the Zambian government, so the government supplies the schools with some teachers and equipment. Those parents who can afford it also contribute towards the running costs but this isn't enough to keep them functioning. Through class sponsorship and additional donations Kaloko helps pay for other important materials and equipment costs


Donations will go into the termly grant to the schools to improve teaching resources at the schools and will directly improve the educational opportunities for disadvantaged children. Funds are used to buy books and stationery used by staff and pupils, as well as furniture, sports equipment and transport to sports events or clubs.