Keertika Protection Home for Girls

Keertika is a shelter home for destitute girls with a focus on those who have fallen victim to child trafficking or other forms of abuse. The aim is to provide shelter, food, medical care, education, counselling, and legal assistance to girls in distress.

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It ran from 6:38 PM, 8 June 2015 to 6:15 PM, 17 April 2016

Registered Charity in England and Wales (1121532)


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Girls who are rescued from human trafficking are not generally accepted back by their families or communities, so their lives can become more painful with little opportunities. Kidnappings, false marriages, and neglect are all situations that increase the dangers of girls becoming victims of this terrible industry.These girls face sexual, emotional, and physical abuse on a day to day basis.


Keertika protection home allows girls to have a safe haven after being rescued so they might heal and receive counselling. Education and recreational activities are encouraged, as well, so they can develop friendships and social skills. Since their families and communities often do not accept them back, Keertika gives them hope and an education for a better future. Without Keertika, they may resort to a life of poverty, prostitution, or begging.