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Hear Us Mental Health Linkworking Challenge

People with Mental health issues lack self-belief; habitually their voice goes unheard. The Challenge is to support users to help raise issues that affect the lives of users on wards at the Bethlem Royal Hospital & in Community services & to help them gain access to social inclusive services

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Life with a mental health problem in services can feel like the user’s voice is overlooked & ignored. Users feel that they have no control over medication, ward food, crisis services and access counselling and socially inclusive activities. As a user on a locked ward or in community services you loose self-esteem and confidence. As well as suffering with your mental health, care and support services can feel as they are delivered as ‘one size fits all’ and not based on individual care needs


As Service Users ourselves the Hear Us Linkworking Challenge provides gives a platform for service users to have their voices heard. We provide a caring listening peer support and as people with mental health problems we are able to understand and empathise. We listen to users and raise their issues, views of services and ideas for change from the user’s perspective wit Commissioners and providers