Water for Africa

Sustainable Water for Africa

The provision of 10 boreholes to communities across The Gambia for the provision of water for horticulture. The boreholes are to be drilled by the 'Water for Africa' team and the community is to be supported and trained to set up 'community gardens, to help them 'grow' their way out of poverty.

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It ran from 12:50 PM, 5 November 2011 to 1:28 PM, 15 June 2016

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One of the biggest challenges in The Gambia is access to water for health and agriculture, as the country only has rains for approximately two months of the year and are reliant solely on rain-fed agriculture. The bigger challenge, once the water is provided, is ensuring that the water source is maintained. With over 60% of water sources, failing across Africa, it is imperative that 'long-term' support is given the communities to maintain their water source for repairs and upgrades..


Water for Africa, can support the whole community by: Drilling, boreholes, which are safe and sustainable, they reach the deeper aquifers, which means they offer a continuous, year long supply of water and do not dry up in the 'dry seasons'. They can we upgraded to supply a full irrigation system for agriculture. Water for Africa's locally based team are trained to support the community long after the borehole has been drilled, they can provide long-term, support, repairs and upgrades.