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Two thirds of children with Autism experience sleep problems which have a shattering impact on them and their families. No specialised service currently exists in England to help them. We will establish a dedicated Sleep Clinic and share our findings, experiences and techniques on a national scale.

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Going without sleep affects mood, attention span, rate of learning, memory formation, coordination, mental and physical health. It can delay development and prevent learning of new skills. Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to depression, seizures or self-harm. Caring for children with multiple disabilities already places a huge burden on parents/carers. Repeatedly disrupted sleep affects the parents' health and their ability to look after their children and to keep their family together.


There is no existing specialist Sleep Service in England. We will establish a permanent Sleep Clinic to give specialist, tailored support to families, helping them identify the reason for their child's sleep disturbance and giving them practical strategies and support in order to improve things. We have tested this model with pupils at our own specialist school with great success but are receiving requests for the service from families across the region which we cannot fulfil.