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Ongoing neutering and vaccination project 2012

This project aims to ensure that every rabbit arriving at Camp Nibble can be neutered and vaccinated against the fatal diseases myxomatosis and VHD. These are essential components of responsible rabbit ownership, and requirements before our rescue rabbits can be re-homed

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Many rabbits suffer needlessly as their welfare is not adequately met. Neutering and vaccinations are simple veterinary procedures that are essential to prevent unnecessary suffering in rabbits and ensure that their welfare is best met.


Through vaccinating all of our rabbits we will prevent rabbits from needlessly suffering and dying from the fatal diseases of myxomatosis and VHD. Through neutering we will prevent the unnecessary suffering of rabbits by preventing unwanted, irresponsibly bred litters, eliminating incidences of uterine cancers, ensuring that all rabbits have appropriate companionship of their own kind, and reducing incidences of behavioural problems.