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Rabbit Awareness Project

Rabbits have been identified as the most neglected pet in the UK. We aim to educate existing and potential rabbit owners in all matters pertaining to the proper care of rabbits. We hope to change public attitude towards rabbit ownership and reduce incidences of abandonment and neglect of rabbits.

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Rabbits have been identified as the most neglected pet animal in the UK. At least 35,000 rabbits enter UK rescue shelters each year. Although, it is suspected that this number is a gross underestimation and the real numbers are significantly higher. Of these rabbits around 60% have been abandoned/surrendered during the first year of ownership. Research suggests that of the pet rabbits that have not been abandoned a high number are living in conditions in which their welfare is not being met.


We aim to help educate and change public attitude towards pet rabbits and increase their status within the household. We want new owners considering taking on rabbits to understand that they are complex animals with complex welfare needs. We aim to educate potential and existing rabbit owners on all aspects pertaining to the proper care of rabbits. Through our proposed project we aim to increase the effectiveness/number of rabbit awareness events that we perform throughout the year.