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Soundscape is our music therapy service. We work to physically and emotionally improve children and adult's lives through music therapy. We have 4 fully qualified music therapists on our staff that work in schools, hospitals and at our specially designed therapy suite. Their access to our building is severely limited as we are housed in an old Edwardian school building.

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By the nature of our clients we have to heavily subsidize the therapy fees, in order to do this each year we must raise approx £60,000 just to keep the project going as it is. The project has been running for 3 years now and is often making a loss, which is being covered by the main charity Newham Music Trust. Our facilities are limited because we are based in an old Edwardian school building, without major renovation we are only able to provide disabled access to the first floor. We are hoping to be able to find a new building for all of our projects as part of the regeneration of Newham through the Olympics. However, in the mean time it is important that we maxmise on the building we have. Renovation of the old building comes to approx £250,000, a new building would obviously be a great deal more.