Prisoners' Advice Service (PAS)

Legal assistance on community care for prisoners

The Community Care Caseworker takes on cases and answers queries around resettlement of vulnerable prisoners upon their release into the community, asserting their legal rights to accommodation, healthcare etc. Her work helps to ensure successful rehabilitation into society for vulnerable prisoners

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Discharged prisoners have the same rights to free-of-charge health, housing and community care services as anyone else. However, local authorities, prisons and probation services often show a shocking lack of acknowledgement of the duties in community care law that they hold towards prisoners prior to release and upon release, which can severely damage the possibility of successful rehabilitation.


The Caseworker looks at the role and responsibilities of health and social services and housing authorities in the resettlement process, and undertakes legal action to ensure that prisoners’ rights are upheld. Some cases are resolved by correspondence with the prison governor, or assisting prisoners to take complaints to the ombudsman. Others are complex and result in protracted correspondence and court proceedings. She also gives legal advice via the advice line of the Prisoners' Advice Service