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Protection and Justice for children in Gautemala

To seek justice for the girls in the care of La Alianza, Guatemala (ALA) who have been victims of trafficking offenses, rape and sexual assault. These Children and adolescent victims of trafficking and sexual violence are protected at ALA, inside or outside the residence; we help obtain justice in t

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We are applying for funding for this proposal so that we may process more cases through the judiciary as quickly as possible so that the girls involved can stop living in fear and start to re-build their lives. The girls are victims of sexual abuse and trafficking - the cases are complex and require strong legal input and support. We require additional legal support to process more case more quickly.There are 318 girls whose perpetrators are still unpunished (42 cases are at different stages of


The project will move along the legal process by prosecuting more perpetrators , more efficiently and quickly. Thereby allowing the girl victims to start their rehabilitation process . Including restoring their rights, providing them with legal registration papers, providing access to healthcare and education thereby allowing social inclusion.