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Conservation Uganda - Waterways Project Training

To operate waterborne patrols to protect the key elephant migratory corridor in the Queen Elizabeth Conservation Area in Uganda. These patrols serve to protect the area from illegal hunting activity as well as provide essential transport links for remote communities in the area.

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Despite considerable progress in the area many regions in Uganda remain vulnerable to illegal poaching with elephants bearing the brunt of this trade. Unfortunately, poaching in the area is on the increase again and land based patrols struggle to access much of this key migratory corridor through the waterways of the Queen Elizabeth Park. Moreover, any outreach initiative to educate remote communities about the plight of the elephant is impossible without better access.


Funding waterborne patrols allows rangers to cover more key elephant territory and their presence is a real deterrent to poachers. Moreover the boats provide essential communication links for otherwise isolated communities and have been used for emergency evacuations as well as the distribution of much needed supplies - such as life saving malaria nets. This combination of animal-based protection measures with community outreach is garnering much local support for elephant conservation.