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Protecting the Tiger in Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga is one of the tiger's last long-term strongholds in the world. Conservation measures, funded by the Foundation, have done much to stabilise tiger numbers, but still little is known about their lives and habitat. A sustained monitoring programme would do much to fill these knowledge gaps.

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The tiger is in very real danger of extinction with population numbers in some areas so low that survival is impossible. However, the Kaziranga park is one of India's most important tiger habitats and numbers, although low, are sufficient to provide the opportunity to learn more about these elusive creatures. Scientific monitoring is a vital tool in the conservation process and a funded programme is key to the tiger's survival.


The project will fund a 12 month monitoring programme to include the installation of 50 trapping camers to determine tiger density, an assessment of tiger habitats and threats both to habitats and tigers and the creation of a tiger conservation awareness programme to involve local communities in tiger protection for the long term survival of the species.